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    Polyethylene Floor Safes

    Recent developments by Hayman Safes have put an interesting polyethylene (plastic) floor safe on the market that seems to be shaking up the status quo. The big question is: how secure are these safes? Here we’ll look into how viable polyethylene is as a construction material for home and commercial safes and why you might see this trend catching on for the future. Is polyethylene a viable replacement for steel? No way! However, it might just be okay for floor safes. The basic idea and the reason why a floor safe can get away with a plastic exterior is that in theory it will be encased by concrete which will effectively nullify any vulnerability of the plastic casing.

    The Hayman FS4000B still has a steel facade that will present burglars with an equally daunting task as any full-body steel safe. The other option for a potential burglar is to dig the safe out of the concrete which is a time consuming and a loud endeavor. In this scenario, the polyethylene exterior will make entry easier but the reality is that any floor safe is going to be vulnerable once it is dug out of its concrete encasement. In the end there’s not much of a noticeable difference in terms of security and fire resistance between polyethylene and full-body steel alloy floor safes. However, when it comes to price the plastic alternative is always going to have an edge over the full-body steel alternative. Think of it as a bit of a shortcut. It might be a slight lapse in overall build quality but the point is moot when you look at the details and examine situations in which a polyethylene safe would be compromised. It would not be surprising to see a trend of polyethylene safes making a bigger mark in the future of floor safes.

    There might even be additional unexplored applications that we’ll have the pleasure of seeing in the near future. Wall safes might even make a viable application because they rely on being hidden and are usually have thin steel sheeting anyways. In the end I have to commend Hayman for innovating a product that has remained fundamentally the same for centuries. The use of polyethylene is a clever and economical solution that will bring quality safes to people for a lower price: a win-win for everyone. If you have any questions regarding the Hayman Polyethylene floor safes, please give us a call at 800-207-2259 today!