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    Safe Overview: Sun Welding H48 Home Gun Safe

    The Sun Welding H48 Home Gun Safe is a uniquely inexpensive full-size fire rated rifle safe. Despite its low price at a bit over $900, this safe makes no concessions to build quality or materials and even comes with a full lifetime warranty. Additionally, Sun Welding safes are unique in that they are only manufactured in the United States. Here we’ll look a bit more into some of the features that this safe can offer as well important specifications you’ll need to know.

    Dimensions: Outside: 48.00” H x 21.00” W x 20.00” D

    Inside: 46.50” H x 16.50” W x 12.50” D

    Interior: 5.55 cubic feet

    Weight: 388 pounds

    As you can see this is a large safe that is best suited to long guns. At it’s price it still qualifies as a budget safe but it does offer some substantial burglar and fire protection regardless. This safe comes with a ¼” thick door and 10 gauge solid steel body with drill resistant hardened plating. Additionally this safe utilizes a unibody construction with continuous welds. The burglar rating for this safe is the CDOJ (though it surpasses these standards) which stands for the California Department of Justice construction standard. This means that it is lawfully entitled to hold firearms. Additionally, it means that it uses a lock that is encased in drill-resistant hardened steel. Also, in order to attain the CDOJ it must have at least 3 steel locking bolts of at least ½” in length (this safe has 6).

    Lastly, it is required to have protected door hinges to protect against prying or the removal of the door. Additionally, burglar protection for this safe includes 2 independent re-lockers. Some additional features of this safe include pre-drilled mounting holes and an optional access point for powering an electric dehumidifier. The Sun Welding H48 gun safe is rated for 1 hour of fire protection and automatically expanding intumescent seals. This safe is customizable in a number of aspects. The hinges and door can be situated for either left or right handed users. While it does come standard with a dial combination lock it can be upgraded to a digital lock. Additionally, the fire protection can be upgraded from the standard 60 minutes to 90 or even 120 minutes. Lastly this safe comes with a lifetime warranty and is a pure American made safe. It’s not flashy (though it doesn’t look bad) but it’ll get the job done for a very reasonable price.