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    The Dangers of Moving a Safe on Your Own

    The Dangers of Moving a Safe on Your Own


    You’ve made a smart decision to acquire a safe for your home or business. However, moving a safe is easier said than done. Due to their sheer weight and size, safes present unique challenges in transporting. It’s important to understand the risks involved in moving a safe yourself versus enlisting a professional to do so.      

    Understanding the Risks

    • Personal injury — Traumatic back injuries often occur when people lift too much, abruptly drop, or are struck by a heavy object that shifts or becomes unstable.      
    • Property damage — Damage to floors, walls, stairs, and ramps can occur when the weight exceeds their limits or a ramp buckles.    

    How heavy is a safe?

    Safes can typically weigh between 20 pounds all the way up to 5,000 pounds. 

    Example 1The AMSEC BF6024 Gun & Rifle Safe – 2020 Model. This is an excellent storage option for your gun collection, passports, jewelry, and other valuables. This gun safe weighs in at an impressive 720 pounds.  

    Example 2: The American Rebel AR-INV Black Smoke Cannabis Inventory Control Safe with Digital Lock is expertly designed to protect cannabis products from external and internal theft. A premier choice in cannabis safes for business owners, this one weighs in at 925 pounds.       

    Tips from the experts

    • Whenever possible, have a professional deliver your new safe. They have received specific training on how to move a safe in a manner that will ensure the safety of everyone involved and avert potential damage to your property or the safe.  
    • If you choose to move a safe yourself, be sure to ask friends with some big muscles to assist. You will also need to obtain the proper equipment to do so safely: thick moving blankets to wrap around the safe, straps to hold the blankets in place, a heavy-duty appliance dolly, and additional support straps or rope.  
    • If you are transporting the safe in a truck, use a loading ramp and a dolly to maneuver the safe into the truck. Securely strap it to one side of the truck so that it cannot move during transport.  

    Our customers’ safety is of the utmost concern to us. Please allow us to help you get your new safe in place and avoid needless injury or property damage. Our skilled, professional safe delivers are ready to assist. 

    Explore the various delivery options available including delivering to your home, garage, or office.  

    Please give one of our safe professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today!  We can help you purchase the perfect safe for your home or business and arrange for delivery inside. Let us know what we can do for you!   


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