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    The Importance of Safes for Businesses

    The Top Five Safes for Security and Peace of Mind

    Regardless of its size and output, most companies routinely handle delicate information, important documents, cash, and valuable assets. Because of this, businesses are at increased risk for the loss of documents, personal information, and funds through theft or fire. Fortunately, it is easy to mitigate these risks by choosing a high-quality safe to protect business assets.

    These five types of safes offer multi-purpose security and peace of mind for businesses both large and small 

    1) Fire File Cabinets

    Regardless of how paperless the future may be, every business is still going to have important documents that will need to be filed and kept as hard copies. Vehicle titles, deeds, and financial documents are just a few examples. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose these important documents in the event of a fire, flood or theft, and that is where a fire file cabinet comes in. Fully portable and lockable, fire file cabinets act as an organizational device and a safe all in one.  Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and security options, fire file cabinets are a wise way to protect valuable documents. Additionally, many fire file cabinets are tested for one hour of fire protection in temperatures up to 1700? F and many are water-resistant, as well.

    2) Safe Deposit Boxes

    Perfect for storing important customers valuables or assets, a safe deposit box can easily bolt to the outside of a floor, wall, or be built into an existing safe to provide ultra-secure storage for valuables such as keys, jewelry, irreparable documents and funds.

    3) Through The Wall Depository Boxes

    Ideal for businesses that need to accept after-hours payments in the form of cash or check, a through the wall depository box offers secure payment collection in a small, slim package. Easy to bolt to the outside of a building, these boxes are secure, low profile, and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and lock options.

    4) Cash Boxes Ideal for businesses that do most of their business in cash, such as food trucks, vendors or pop-up retailers, cash boxes provides a secure, locking receptacle for funds that have yet to make it to the bank. Available in a wide array of sizes, colors, capacities and security options, a cash box is a wise way to protect cash from theft. Businesses who want added security can opt for a fire-resistant cash box that promises to keep funds safe in the event of an inferno.

    5) Narcotic & Pharmacy Safes

    Ideal for businesses that deal with delicate, prescription medications, a narcotic & pharmacy safe is a wonderful way to keep substances secure and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. In addition to being expensive, prescription medications are dangerous and at a high risk for theft. Fortunately, business owners can now keep these delicate drugs secure with a narcotic & pharmacy safe. Slim, theft-proof and easy to bolt to any floor or wall, these safes provide maximum security in a low-profile package. Although the type of business a company does may vary, the need for security does not.

    Fortunately, Safe & Vault Store offers a wide variety of business safes for a wide variety of businesses. Whether you are in the market for a fireproof file cabinet or a safe to keep narcotics and delicate medications secure, Safe & Vault Store has something to offer you! Visit us today to check out our wide selection of business safes or call us at 800-207-2259 if you have any questions.