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    AMSEC BFX Series Gun Safes

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    AMSEC has launched the ALL NEW BFX Series Gun Safes to replace the BF Series models. Some new features are available that make this gun safe one of the best gun safes made today. 

    One of the new features of the NEW BFX Gun Safes is the Active 4X Locking System. This 4-way locking system (vs. the older 3-way one) deadlocks on all four sides. It has a 3-stage lock protection with a 1/4" hard plate, relocker pin, and gear cam housing. A gear drive mechanism with 360-degree handle rotation is also standard. The bolts are designed to protect from severe sledgehammer attacks. The steel door frame is dual-reinforced and pry-resistant. It also has AMSEC's Drylight material to provide a seamless fire barrier but also offers some security protection.

    Why is the AMSEC BFX Series the Best Gun Safe on the market today? With a large list of key features that most gun safes don't have, the BFX line offers the best convenience, security, and fire protection for all of your valuables and rifles. Like all of AMSEC's safes, there are several lock options, including mechanical or digital lock options. A redundant lock is available (both dial and digital lock together), so you never need to worry about your lock failing. There are also textured, two-tone, and high gloss color options available. The three hardware choices include brass, chrome, or black nickel.

    You only buy a safe once in your lifetime. Why not buy the best? The BFX Gun Safe line is designed to higher standards, tested, and built at AMSEC's Fontana, California (MADE IN THE USA) plant.

    AMSEC also features a Lifetime Warranty on the BFX Series for both burglar and fire. If the safe is attacked during a burglary, you just need to file a police report and send a copy to AMSEC. They will repair or replace the safe at no charge. Same thing if it is in a fire. Just file an insurance claim with your insurance company, send a copy to AMSEC, and they will repair or replace the safe at no charge. 

    Three Stage Lock Protection
    • 1/4" hardplate and a top-rated hardened disc defeats lock attacks.
    • Spring-loaded relock mechanism.
    • Gear cam housing with precision-engineered lock bolt protection.

    Double Reinforced Steel Frame

    • Double Reinforced Steel Frame - The industry's best protection.

    Best Rated Dual Fire Seals

    • Best Rated Dual Fire Seals - The Palusol and silicone door seals protect against fire and smoke.

    Sledgehammer Impact Resistant Boltwork

    • Sledgehammer Impact Resistant Boltwork - Protects the heart of the BFX Active 4x locking system from severe sledgehammer attacks.

    Interior Shelving Options

    • The BFX Series has flexible interior shelving options - Select the all-in-one interior or all-shelf options.

    Retrofittable Decorative Hinge Finials

    • Retrofittable Decorative Hinge Finials - Chrome, black nickel, and brass finishes.

     Gear Driven Boltwork with 360 degree handle rotation

    • Gear Driven Boltwork with 360-degree Handle Rotation - Drives the industry's longest solid steel locking bolts deep into the body of the safe, protecting against severe pry attacks.

    4-way Active Locking System

    • 4-Way Active Locking System - Deadlocks on all four sides of the safe assuring peace of mind that your valuables are safe.
    • The industry's only corrosive-resistant plated boltwork offers smooth lifetime operation.