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    AMSEC FV Series Gun Safes

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    AMSEC's newest line of gun safes, the FV Series, has been upgraded to fit the need of a quality gun safe at an affordable price. The fire rating has been upgraded from a 30 minute fire rating to a NEW 45 minute fire rating. The outside temperature was heated up to 1200 degrees F and the inside never reached above 350 degrees F. To achieve this fire rating there are two layers of fire insulating material in between the steel. The door is a solid 3/16" steel along with a body thickness of 12 gauge. Another NEW feature on the FV Series Gun Safes is the standard ESL5 digital electronic lock with illuminated keypad. If you prefer the dial combination lock, you can choose that lock instead of the ESL5. Coming in 4 sizes (closet size, medium, wide body and large), the FV Series Gun Safes are the perfect fit for protecting your gun collection and anything that you cannot afford to lose. Purchase one for your home today!