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    Fort Knox Accessories

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    Fort Knox provides many accessories for their gun safes. These gun safe accessories include:

    Security Safe Light for dial & digital locks. It is designed for safes that are in dark spaces and the lock is hard to see. The push button control is easy to use and features a two minute red light cycle in time to open your safe. It attaches to your safe with magnetics. No longer will you need a flashlight or fumbling around in the dark.

    Rifle Rods (Set of 10). The Fort Knox Rifle Rods allow you to position your rifles and long guns inside your gun safe without the need for gun racks. Place the rifle rod down the barrel of your rifle, position the gun and then extend the rifle rod up to connect it to the top shelf. They will then connect to the top shelf with strong hook-and-loop material. These come in a package of 10.

    Eva-Dry 500 Wireless Dehumidifier. Eliminate the need for batteries and cords with the Wireless Eva-Dry E-500 . It will protect your long guns inside your safe from moisture or you can use it on a boat or RV to protect your precious items from humidify and moisture. Just hang the Eva-Dry E-500 inside your gun safe and the moisture will automatically be absorbed on it's own. 

    Gun Socks Six Pack. Use the Fort Knox gun socks to protect your rifles and long guns from rust, dirt and scratches. They are made of cotton and the natural wicking ability draws moisture off of your weapon. This makes them ideal for year round storage. They come in a 6 pack to protect up to 6 rifles. Keep your long guns looking just as new as when you bought them.

    If you are looking for specific Fort Knox accessories and you don't see them listed here, please give us a call at 800-207-2259. We can provide you with pricing for ANY Fort Knox accessory that you need for your gun safe.