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Leatherback Gear

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Leatherback Gear makes some of the best and world's safest bulletproof backpacks. They can be used as a personal protection system that protects you in both the front and back. It is one of the only patented designs of its type in the world. 

The bulletproof Leatherback Gear backpacks were started by a law enforcement and security professional while on active duty. He found out first hand when on active duty at the UCLA shooting. He noticed many students all wearing backups exiting buildings and milling around the campus. This is when the idea came to mind that he could turn a regular backpack into a personal protective vest to keep them safe in the event of an active shooter.

Buying one of the Leatherback Gear backpacks could help save a life. If you are equipped with the proper tools and education, you become your first and best line of defense in any situation.

Take a look at the following tactical backpacks that are in stock and have Free Shipping:

  • Black Tactical One
  • Civilian One
  • Sport One
  • Sport One Jr