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Ready Vault Accessories

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The Ready Vault Series allows you to customize your interior to fit your needs. SafeandVaultStore.com carries both quick access and organization Square-Lok accessories. The Ready Vault Series includes the 98196WIFI, 98195WIFI, and the 95109 Ammo Cabinet.

Quick Access:

The Ready Vault Safes can be accessed using the RFID accessories designed for quick access. These include decals, key fobs, watch band tags, and the adjustable wristband. Each Ready Vault has one wristband, two decals, and one key fob. If you have more than one person who will access the safe, feel free to purchase extras of the RFID accessories, depending on which one works best.

Organization Square-Lok Accessories:

Ready Vault Square-Lok Accessories
Each Ready Vault comes with some Square-Lok accessories standard. Hornady has released additional Square-Lok accessories for the best organization to fully customize your interior. These include:
  • Square-Lok Small Parts Bin (6" x 3")
  • Square-Lok Rifle/Pistol 2-Gun Rack
  • Square-Lok Wire Shelf (9" x 9")
  • Square-Lok Rifle/Pistol 4-Gun Rack
  • Ready Vault Shelf Kit