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    Choosing A Floor Safe For My Business

    Obtaining a floor safe for your business is a good sound decision. It can provide maximum security for your business papers, agreements, asset lists and valuables in the case of burglary or fire. It is out of sight, very hard to remove from the premises, and being in the floor it is not susceptible to flames. It is not without its drawbacks, however, and some considerations should be made. The typical considerations are: installation expense, inaccessibility and sometimes, these safes are prone to water damage in the case of a fire.

    It's good to plan ahead for a wall safe, as installation is a major consideration unless done at the time of construction. Also, if your business is located in structure with multiple floors, you will need to check for post-tensioned slab construction as they cannot be installed in such a location. If you are planning to use the safe a great deal, understand that it is hard to access. You may consider an electronic lock to make it easier with the added feature of allowing a change of combination without the expense of a locksmith. Also, since floor safes are not waterproof any belongings put in should be sealed from moisture.

    There are a number of things to look for in a purchase. The biggest thing to consider is the integrity of the safe. Steel is heavy and expensive. Without the proper thickness of the cladding material, the door can be opened with an ordinary crowbar. Be especially careful when purchasing anything made outside of your country as the shipping on a safe with a half-inch front cladding and a quarter inch side cladding inhibits many foreign companies from using a proper thickness of steel.

    Also, be careful of the lock, always insist on a UL approved, Group 2 lock or better. A cheap lock can render your safe useless and be expensive to repair, even to the point of having to have the safe forced open and replaced. A floor safe can bring peace of mind, and offer security in case the unthinkable happens. Just follow some simple guidelines, make sure what you purchase is a well-constructed product.

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