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    Optimize Store Labor and Customer Satisfaction with Business Safes

    The FBI has reported that a single burglary happens in the U.S. every 15.4 seconds. Every business has special security necessities. No matter your line of business, you want to keep your business protected with safe products such as smart safes, teller lockers, laptop safes, and fire filing cabinets. Well-built safes do just that for your business and more.

    Smart Safes Optimize Store Labor

    Using smart safes for your business is a wise choice since they can do so much to enhance your processes such as recording and depositing cash deposits at the point of sale. You can also integrate them into your POS system so cash sales are 100% accounted for and deposits happen precisely when they need to happen. Do you have till drawers set at predetermined capacities? A Smart safe can handle that too.

    An innovative business safe that’s smart can record all deposits and reconcile a cashier’s till balance when their shift ends. This makes the process of balancing go much faster and takes it out of the hands of employees so they can focus their attention on customers as well as other tasks. Ultimately business safes allow you to run your retail business exponentially better and more efficiently. Stop wasting time counting money so you can appoint employees to more productive activities.

    Improve Responsibility and Cash Visibility with a Business Safe Product

    Nothing matters more to retail businesses than improved accountability and cash visibility. A smart safe can provide you with cash tracking, note validation, expansive reporting, and network connectivity. If you are a retailer of multiple stores, a user-friendly dashboard-type of access gives you the ability to view unprecedented levels for cash visibility. Does being able to facilitate audit-ability and transaction trace-ability sound attractive? That’s exactly what you will be able to do using a smart safe with your own PIN. Get exact records of every safe transaction per individual users. Keeping your retail store’s overall business and cash operations at this level of trace-ability offer the highest accountability for your business.

    A Business Safe for Every Store Reduces Theft Risks

    It stands to reason that theft risks are very high in the retail environment. Those risks come from external and internal sources. However, safe accessories and Smart safes make it easier for your cashiers to deposit cash into an allocated safe at a point of sale. With a reduced cash volume in tills, you have a lower level of cash exposure for your stores. An investment in a business safe is a top deterrent when it comes to internal theft since every cash transaction is completely traceable per user.

    How Does a Business Safe Benefit Your Customers?

    The use of a business safe can have two-fold benefits. They offer an increase in efficiency, security, and freedom to your employees, and they offer benefits to your customers too. When you free up an employee’s time by incorporating a business safe at every retail location, you are giving them the time they need to actually do their job which is to make your customers happy.

    Smart Safes make Shopping in a Retail Store More Advantageous

    Streamlining transaction operations for your retail store using a smart safe gives your store managers the time they need to lead more productive activities including employee training. The better employees are trained, the happier your customers will be. Sales associates will find a smart safe offers tremendous relief so they no longer need to be concerned about being short or over after their shift ends. Peace of mind literally improves productivity.

    Relieve Your Managers of Manually Dealing with Cash

    A well-merchandised store that is orderly and clean attracts more customers and keeps them coming back. There are many choices where shopping is concerned, some include customers not even leaving their homes to get the items they desire. When employees and store managers can relax without the burden of handling cash manually, they redirect their efforts to give your customers an improved shopping experience.