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    AMESC BFII Gun Safes

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    The AMSEC BFII Gun Safes are the best gun safes you can find in America today! Plus, they are 100% Made in America. You get the best fire rating, top-of-the-line burglar rating, and top-notch quality. 

    Here are some of the fantastic features of the BFII Gun Safes.

    • Proprietary DryLight insulation in both the body and the door is a concrete composite-like material for fire protection. This material offers outstanding fire protection without adding excess weight. Each model has an Intertek fire rating tested at outside temperatures up to 1,200 degrees F.
    • The door features a solid 1/2" steel plate. The body uses an inner and outer layer for a combined steel thickness of 1/2". 
    • New UL RSC Level II test. This test is similar to the Level I test; however, it is a 10-minute test (double the time) and uses two men (instead of one) with more sophisticated tools. 
    • Same TL-15 boltwork as the AMVAULT's. It uses five active and five deadbolts (no top or bottom bolts) to prevent pry attacks on the door.
    • These safes come with a 5-year parts and labor warranty, including factory-installed AMSEC UL Listed locks. 

    AMSEC's BFII Gun Safes come in 5 different sizes depending on your capacity needs.

    • BFII6024 - 59.25" H X 24.00" W X 21.00" D (Closet Sized)
    • BFII6032 - 59.25" H X 30.00" W X 21.00" D
    • BFII6030 - 59.25" H X 30.00" W X 26.00" D
    • BFII6636 - 65.25" H X 36.00" W X 26.00" D
    • BFII7240 - 71.25" H X 40.00" W X 26.00" D
    • BFII7240 - 71.25" H X 50.00" W X 28.00" D (one of the largest gun safes today)

    AMSEC allows you to customize the BFII Gun Safes with different color choices (textured, two-tone, and high gloss), hardware options (Brass, Chrome, Black Nickle, or 50 Caliber), and logo colors (Black, Gold, or Gray).

    AMSEC BFII Colors

    Several lock choices are available on the American Security BFII Gun Safes, including a mechanical lock, electronic locks, and even an LP Redundant Lock (Dial & Digital together). 

    The interiors are customizable with a top shelf (or two top shelves for the larger models). There is gun racking inside with small shelves that can be adjusted or removed completely if you want all long guns inside. A standard door organizer allows you to store handguns, magazines, rifles, and other items on the door. This allows you to save room inside your gun safe. A LED light kit is also standard that plugs into an outlet. When you open the door, the lights turn on, and when you shut the door, they turn off. You can add cabinets with jewelry drawers if you want to store jewelry inside, along with your firearms.

    AMSEC BFII7250 Gun & Rifle Safe
    As you can see, AMSEC has built a fantastic gun safe with many features that make the BFII one of the best gun safes you will find shopping around. With the thick steel body and door, long fire rating, customizable options for color, locks, and interior, and a great warranty, this should be your next gun safe. If you're unsure which model or size to use, feel free to call us at 800-207-2259. We can help you select the right model for your needs.