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AMSEC BF Series Gun Safes

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One of the best gun safes made today, the AMSEC, BF series is a Made in the USA product that will meet all of your needs for protecting guns, precious valuables as well as any paper documents that cannot be replaced. Instead of compromising on theft or fire protection, you can have the best of both worlds with the AMSEC BF Series Gun Safes. Check out the extra strong door thickness of 1/2" solid steel. These safes are a beast, just look at how much they weigh. Along with the great security protection comes great fire protection. Instead of using "drywall material", the BF Series uses a concrete composite material called DryLight which really works well in the event of a fire. Included is a Premium Door Organizer that is installed on the back of the door for extra storage of handguns, rifles and other items that you want quick access to. These gun safes are designed for serious owners who want nothing but the best for their family. It will not disappoint and will last you a lifetime of protection. AMSEC stands behind this quality gun safe with pride knowing that your peace of mind is protected.