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BlumSafe was created with watch collectors in mind. As a watch collector, the founder realized there were few secure options for storing valuable watch collections. While having watches in a watch winder that's easily accessible on a dresser or in a closet may be convenient, it's not secure. The BlumSafe Safes were designed to balance accessibility, power for watch winders, and security.

The original BlumSafe is perfect for protecting their precious watch collection. It fits between 16" on center studs and can hold up to 12 Boxy watch winders (available in multiple colors) with power or a combination of winders and jewelry drawers. The display door allows you to see your watches while maintaining security, and the lock can be opened with your fingerprint, digital code, or backup key. The bright LED light with door opening activation lets you see your watches in the dark.

The Gen 2.0 BlumSafe is now 100% made in the USA and features better lighting and packaging, a battery backup box with a single-formed body, and custom color options.

For ultimate security, the latest BlumSafe "Professional" offers more storage for up to 18 Boxy Watch Winders or a combination of winders and jewelry drawers. It has a solid steel door and body, optional fire protection, advanced security features such as a dead bar/continuous channel that locks the door into the safe body, and hardened steel and ball-bearing double hardplate protection. It also offers three UL-Listed lock choices, including a manual dial lock, a digital lock, or a D&G I-Series lock with fingerprint, Bluetooth, and WIFI options.

If you're a watch collector in the market for a safe, the BlumSafe is an excellent option. Made by a watch collector for watch collectors, these safes are built to fit right in your wall, taking up minimal space. Contact us at 800-207-2259 to learn more about the available options.