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Closet Gun Safes

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Are you looking for a closet gun safe? Check out our top 30 closet gun safes from brands such as AMSEC, Gardall, Mesa, Safe & Vault Store, American Rebel, Tracker, Hollon, and more! These gun safes are designed to fit perfectly inside a standard closet and have less than 24" width. A closet is a safe, affordable, and convenient place to store your firearm(s).

The Price of a Closet Gun Safe

The price for closet gun safes varies depending on several factors such as quality, design, size, burglary rating, fire rating, and various other factors depending on your specific needs and budget. Here are afew options and features to consider when choosing your closet gun safe:

  • Number of Guns
  • Height, Depth & Width
  • Shelf Options
  • Fire Rating
  • Burglar Rating
  • Door & Body Steel Thickness
  • Locking System
  • Door Handle
  • Hinges
  • Mounting Options
  • Warranty

Why Install a Closet Gun Safe?

There are various reasons to install a gun safe in your closet. Here are a few reasons why a closet gun safe could be your ideal storage solution: 


Your closet may be your best option for placement of your safe if you have limited square footage available.  

Robbery Deterrence

Out of sight, out of mind. Keeping your safe easily visible in your home can attract the attention of people looking to steal from you. Concealing your safe will remove any temptation.  

Legal Protection 

Some states are passing laws regarding safe firearm storage; these laws hold gun owners legally liable for any “unsafely” stored gun that ends up in the hands of a prohibited individual, usually including children and felons. Keeping your safe out of plain site adds an extra layer of protection to avoid the wrong person getting a hold of your firearms.

We suggest you determine your local and state gun storage laws before purchasing any gun safe.


Placing a gun safe in a bedroom closet or an area you frequent allows you to quickly access the contents of your safe in case of an emergency.  


Need help finding a closet gun safe?

If you are looking for a larger gun & rifle safe, look at our gun & rifle safes category.

Alternatively, you may want a smaller, discrete handgun and pistol safe to keep in your closet; smaller gun safes can usually be stored on a shelf, mounted to the wall or floor, or hidden inside a drawer.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our safe specialists today at 800-207-2259 We can help you select a closet gun safe to perfectly fit your needs and even get one shipped to your home with our standard free shipping.