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In business since 1950, Gardall Safes is a US company with a worldwide reputation for superior safe manufacturing. Gardall prioritizes product development and continuous improvement, resulting in a large selection of high-quality residential, small business, and commercial-grade safes. Since 1995, Consumers Digest has named Gardall as a premium selection on three seperate occasions.

Gardall Products

Safe & Vault Store offers a wide variety of Gardall's durable, high quality security solutions. In addition to wall and gun safes, the company offers depository safes, fireproof safes, burglar safes, and combination burglar / fire safes. The company also offers media safes, in-floor concealed safes, and high-security commercial products.

Gardall's electronic locks are reliable and accurate, with battery life up to twelve months. The company's reputation for product development can be seen in the interior of their products. Many of their safes come with adjustable or pull-out shelves, allowing you to easily customize Gardall safes to meet your personal needs.

Gardall's B-rated burglar safes are tough enough for you to claim full insurance coverage, according to Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications. The company's fireproof safes have Underwriter's Laboratories' one and two-hour certifications. A one-hour fireproof safe withstands temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, while keeping safe contents at 350 degrees for a full hour and during the cool down period. Paper documents burn at 405 degrees. A two-hour safe offers important protection.

"Microwave" Safes

A number of Gardall safes are marketed as "microwave" safes. Microwave safes do not protect valuables from radiation, although they can be fireproof. A microwave safe is simply a residential or commercial safe with the approximate size of a standard microwave. Such safes are small and easily concealed, while maintaining Gardall's standards of heavy-duty durability and security.

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