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Hotel Safes

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We have a variety of hotel and in room safes available for your home or if you own a hotel/motel. These safes are perfect for your guest rooms. Along with that, we offer dorm room safes, perfect for the campus living busy college student. These safes offer easy installation, maintenance, and management features that have become popular in the hospitality industry. personal safes designed with the traveling guest in mind, will adequately secure laptop computers, cameras, jewelry and other valuables. They are not meant to keep high valuable items in, and most come with mounting hardware to securely fasten it to a solid structure within the room. Because of the size and weight they are considered easy theft items so we recommend that you anchor them. Call us at 800-207-2259 with any questions and we will help you find the perfect safe for your home, hotel/motel or dorm room needs. We can also offer special pricing for large quantity needs.

Hotel safes are very portable. This can be a good thing because it doesn't limit the places you can store the safe unlike a larger heavier safe. You can virtually put them anywhere. The drawback of this is the fact that any thief can steal them if they are not mounted to a more solid structure. Because of the thin metal in them they do not make for good burglary proofing safes. Mainly they are meant to store minimal amounts of cash and items you don’t want anyone to see when you are traveling. It is good to keep in mind that most hotels will not assume liability for stolen items from a room safe, and will only replace up to a minor specific amount of money if the safe has been broken into. If you have a large amount of money or high value items it is best to keep them in the hotel safe deposit boxes which are usually inside a larger secure vault.

These are also great safes for the college student looking to keep items out of sight. It is important to remember that all of the electronic locks have a master code to access the safe in case of a forgotten code or malfunction. It is necessary to change the master code and keep a file of it in a secure spot to prevent unauthorized access to the safe. As long as you don’t keep high value items in the safe these serve as the perfect storage solution for those out of sight valuables.