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Invicta Safes

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Invicta Safes has produced a unique product for those gun owners who want to protect but also display their firearms. If you have an antique rifle or pistol, or maybe just something unique, you should consider the Invicta Pistol Safe or the Invicta Rifle & Shot Gun Safe. These safes can hang on the wall in a gun room, man cave, or anywhere that you want to display your prized weapon. Not only can you display your firearm but you can protect it as well with the same protection as a standard safe offers. This will also keep children in your home from accessing them as well. 

What are some advantages to the Invicta Safes?

  • Offers the same protection as a traditional safe and will protect your firearm from both children and theft.
  • The Invicta Safes are built with 12 and 14 gauge steel in the front along with ballistic glass. There are also numerous patent-pending designs that will protect your firearm.

Here are some of the options included:

  • There is an optional removable frame for the Invicta Handgun Safe that you can replace with whatever you wish. This is ideal for those that want customization depending on the type of weapon you have as well as the location and theme of your home or office.
  • Optional Background Colors are also available including Red, Blue, Green, Gold, and even Camo. We just need to know what you want and it can be done!
  • Upload your own digital image with 150 DPI to have your own custom background for the Rifle & Shotgun Safe. 
  • Comes standard with a cam lock which is durable and hardened against theft.