Press play to watch this video on the differences between Dial Combination Locks vs Digital Electronic Locks

Safe locks are over 125 years old. A group I combination lock is the most reliable and dependable way to secure your belongings. The advantage of one is that they have a long history of a proven track record and no batteries to replace. Most of our safes come with a standard Group II dial combination lock. Many of our locks have an added key lock, called a key locking dial to prevent people from trying to crack the combination. This key prevents the dial from spinning which greatly reduces the chance at unauthorized access.

Electronic locks provide quick and convenient access without having to wrestle with keys or a combination dial. These locks carry an Underwriter Laboratory label and are very secure. Purchased as an option on many of the safes we carry, or as a retrofit, you will appreciate the convenience and security these locks offer.

The age old adage is true. If it isn't broken don’t fix it. Lock upgrades and re-designs are as common as new computer technology and just as frequently changed out as well. The principal remains the same. For example, an electronic lock has the same mechanics as a dial combination lock. They both open the safe door the same way. They both trigger a lever to fall over a gate releasing the lock. Electronic locks do this by a circuit board and a keypad; combination locks do this by spinning a dial. Electronic locks are quicker and easier than combination locks but the drawbacks are batteries and extra components that will eventually have to be replaced over time. Combination locks are the original solution to opening a safe and have been on safes for hundreds of years and their designs have hardly changed at all. These locks are the most durable option and do not have any parts to be replaced. Both are great options to use on a safe and it all depends on how much ease you want in accessing your contents the convenience of an electronic lock or the tried and true method of a dial combination lock.