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The Ultimate Quick Access Shotgun Safe - ShotLock

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The Ultimate Quick Access Shotgun Safe - ShotLock

Check out our collection of high-quality, quick-access ShotLock handgun & shotgun safes at The ShotLock collection is ideal for safeguarding shotguns, handguns, and AR platform rifles. These safes provide convenient and effortless access to your firearms, whether you need them in an emergency or just for safekeeping. 

Mount it on a wall or in your vehicle. The push-button lock offers rapid access in just seconds.

ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault (Mechanical) Overview with Dye the Safe Guy

Popular ShotLock Features Include:

  • Military-grade 14-gauge steel frame with dual internal locking points
  • Key override/lock clutch system
  • Reversible left or right opening door
  • Easily mounts on a wall, under your desk, or in a vehicle
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Handle for portability 
  • Spacious interior for storing magazines and ammo
  • Cable thread holes provide an additional mounting option
  • Mechanical locks, no electronics, no batteries
  • Over 1500 four-digit combinations

Your Solution for Quick Access to Your Home Defense Weapon

Are you looking for a secure and convenient way to store your AR platform rifle or tactical shotgun? Look no further than the Shotlock AR 200M Solo-Vault. 

ShotLock : AR Solo-Vault

Features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Military-grade 14-gauge steel 
  • Designed to securely store most AR platform rifles with pistol grip and top rail-mounted optics
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Flanged no-pry lid
  • Dual-locking interior hooks
  • Interior shelf for two additional 30-round magazines 
  • Easy-to-use locks - Quick Access

Why Choose a ShotLock? 

Discreet Design 

Thanks to their slim frame and wall-mounted design, ShotLocks can be discreetly installed in nearly any room of your house. However, many customers prefer to install them behind a curtain or inside a closet. Also, consider mounting it on the wall behind your door so it’s hidden when the door swings open.

Dependable Mechanical Locks

The push-button mechanical lock on a ShotLock Solo-Vault is not dependent on batteries, eliminating the risk of a sudden power failure. Furthermore, the quick access buttons allow you to open the safe in seconds, providing fast and reliable access to your firearms.

Child Safety 

Keeping your shotgun safe from your curious kids is a significant concern for most parents. These unique shotgun safes are built from 14-gauge military-grade steel, providing a lock box that surrounds the firing mechanism of your gun — helping to keep it from unwanted hands.


ShotLocks are engineered to fit a variety of shotguns, including those with pistol grips. While not all shotguns may be compatible, ShotLocks are designed to be compatible with most of them.

Anywhere Access

These shotgun safes can be mounted on any flat surface; keeping your home defense weapon practically anywhere, including in your vehicle, front entry, hallway, closet, and behind furniture.  

If you have any questions about any ShotLock product, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-207-2259!

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