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Steelhead Outdoors

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Steelhead Outdoors is a brand born in Minnesota from passion and innovation, and had its humble beginnings in 2016. Their story started with a quest to find a gun safe that not only met the highest standards of American craftsmanship but also offered adaptability, robust fire protection, and a level of security that gave peace of mind. They made a remarkable discovery in their relentless pursuit - the safe they envisioned didn't exist. Instead of settling, they embarked on a remarkable journey and built it themselves. 

Why Choose Steelhead?

What sets Steelhead Outdoors apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation and practicality. While numerous high-quality, heavy-duty safes are available in the market, these often pose significant challenges in moving. Steelhead recognized the need for a safe that you could easily transport without the need for professional movers or risky DIY adventures. On the flip side, the market was flooded with light-duty "gun cabinets" that compromised security and fire protection. Steelhead saw a gap and aimed to bridge it by creating a top-tier, American-made, fire-insulated, and modular gun safe. 

Explore the Range of Steelhead Products

Steelhead Outdoors doesn't stop at just safes; their commitment to your outdoor passions extends to a range of accessories, including the Bow Keeper and Case Keeper. They also offer three distinct handgun safes, ensuring that your firearms are secure and accessible when you need them. 

Their modular gun safes are a testament to adaptability and convenience, allowing you to have a safe in your apartment, in locations where a traditional gun safe can't go because it is too heavy to move, or allowing you to take your security with you from one home to the next, preserving it for generations to come. For those that demand nothing but the best. Steelhead Outdoors also offers two sizes of vault doors in both inswing and outswing models, combining security and style to safeguard your valuable firearms and possessions. 

At Steelhead Outdoors, it's not just about providing exceptional products; it's about a commitment to quality, innovation, and the freedom to explore the great outdoors with confidence and peace of mind. 

Check out this article by one of our safe experts on the Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safes.

"If you've been shopping for safes, you've likely seen numerous companies making the same types of products claiming theirs is "The Best". Steelhead has innovated with their modular product design, providing a solution to a serious problem we face in the gun safe industry; "How do I move a heavy gun safe?"