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Tidel Safes focus on cash handling, cash dispensing, and theft deterring. By concentrating on these fields, Tidel has become one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of cash management systems on the market. Over 300,000 Tidel machines are in use within retail stores worldwide.

Based in Texas, Tidel burst into the industry in 1978 with the invention of a robbery deterrent which has become standard among retail store operators: the Timed Access Cash Controller, or TACC. At its inception, TACC's ability to lmit losses due to theft was nothing less than revolutionary. Since developing the TACC, Tidel continues to develop innovative new cash management solutions, solidifying the company's reputation as an industry leader.

Tidel Safes

While the TACC remains Tidel's greatest success, the company offers many other cash management solutions, including:

  • Cash dispensing safes
  • Drop deposits
  • Bulk coin dispensers
  • SIde vaults
  • Narrow vaults
  • Tube vends

Tidel products emphasize customization. The company's cash dispensers fit perfectly under retail counter space, while Tidel's vaults take full advantage of limited commercial space. In addition, the company offers a range of accessories to further streamline your cash management system.

Remote Monitoring

Cash-dispensing Tidel safes include secure 2-way communication between the dispenser and the Point of Sale (POS) software. The Windows-based software connects easily to your store's network whether Ethernet or wireless, allowing full visibility of all system transactions from a remote location. All activity is auditable and tracked through individual uses' PINs, while advanced accounting features allow for creation of extensive reports. 

If you're looking for a flexible, secure cash management system, Tidel offers a solution that matches your business. To ensure you choose the right system for your commercial needs, contact of our skilled customer service reps at 800-207-2259. We'll help you find the most efficient system for your company.