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Under Counter Safes

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Under counter safes are bolted under the counter of a point of sale area such as a convenience store counter, providing for easy interim money deposits. There is an anti-fishing slot meaning you cannot "fish" the items back out once you deposit it in our safes to prevent unwanted access to the money. They will limit the chance of large amounts of money being taken in a robbery or internal theft. These safes have multiple purposes. They are ideal for gun control, staff use, athletic clubs, security areas and much more. Don't have time to deposit large bills every hour? These safes are the perfect solution to hold daily deposits until a manager can retrieve them and put them into a larger more secure safe.

Also known as the under the counter drop safe, these safes are heavy duty and usually found bolted the the floor, underneath a counter. Tellers can take large sums of cash and deposit them into the special slot where the money will wait until a manager can retrieve it count it and deposit it into a bank. A lot of businesses will place a limit on the amount of cash that can be stored in a teller drawer. Usually the amount is around $200. If a robbery happens and these under the counter safes are being used properly a robber will only be able to get away with only the amount in the drawer. $200 is a small price to pay when the risk of thousands or injury because of a robbery are at stake.