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Expert Advice on Safes and Vault Doors

Dorm rooms are typically not the most secure places for your valuable items. Items such as laptops, wallets, keys, passports, cash, jewelry, cell phones, tablets, and even cameras are all vulnerable to theft.
Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here, Dye Hawley Sales Manager for Safe & Vault Store, here to talk today about the Monster Vault Low Profile Under the Bed Gun Safe. Monster Vault designed this safe to be an economically affordable safe for people who can't afford to pay the higher price of their other 3 models. This runs somewhere in the $500 range.
How do you keep your gun safe accessible in the event of emergency, but away from the reach of a determined child or teenager? It’s harder than one might think, but this is a riddle that responsible, gun owners with families must tackle. The answer is to use the right equipment.