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    Benefits of a Floor Safe

    We’ve already looked a myriad of different kinds of safes but one option that we haven’t touched on yet that remains a practical solution is the floor safe. In theory, it’s quite similar to the wall safe but has some additional perks that may make it even more lucrative. The basic idea is to install a safe in your floor where it can be hidden from view but also easily accessible. Unlike the wall safe, however, there are a lot more options for a floor safe and additional perks that you may not know about. We’ll look at just how and why a floor safe can make a great addition to your home or business.


    One of the first steps in protecting your valuables that both a floor safe and wall safe excel at is concealment. It’s difficult to steal from a safe that you can’t find. It’s easy to put a rug or couch over your floor safe and let its location remain a mystery for possible intruders. Most floor safes will sit flush with the floor or be a little recessed to allow for a fitted panel matching your floor to be fitted above it. Size In comparison to wall safes you are not as limited to the size of your floor safe. In terms of depth your wall safe is limited by the thickness of the wall. However, your floor safe is going to be only limited by the foundation of your house which should give you a bit more room to work with. Additionally, you aren’t so limited by trying to fit it in between wall studs.

    Security Perks

    Benefits of a floor safe

    In addition to being concealed, there are some additional security perks to a floor safe. Generally, your floor safe is going to be encased in concrete which means that it will be very difficult to remove in a quiet and timely manner and that it limits the attempted burglary to front door access only. Unfortunately for the burglar the front of a safe is usually the strongest part and will pose a great difficulty for unwanted entry.

    Fire and Impact

    Your new floor safe is going to be extra fire resistance by virtue of being encased in concrete. Additionally, it has little to no risk of impact damage because it will only be on the ground floor and won’t have anywhere to fall. This may mean that you can safely forgo some of the expensive security add ons when purchasing a floor safe.