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DEA Approved Safes

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DEA Approved Safes are designed for Schedule I-IV controlled substance requirements. Schedule I & II drug storage has special safe requirements to meet the DEA approval. These safes need to be UL Listed TL-30 rated with a UL Group 1R Lock. 

Here are some of the DEA requirements listed:

  • Schedule 1 and 2 drugs must be stored in a minimum of a UL certified TL-30 rated safe. 
  • The safe must weigh a minimum of 750 pounds.
  • If the safe weighs less than 750 pounds, it must be bolted or cemented to the floor.
  • The safe must have a UL Listed Group 1R dial combination lock (30 man-minutes against surreptitious entry, 10 man-minutes against forced entry, 20 man-hours against lock manipulation, and 20 man-hours against radiological techniques).
  • Digital locks do not meet the requirement.

Learn more on the DEA Requirements for Schedule I and II drugs.

What is a UL Listed Group 1R Lock?

The UL Listed Group 1R locks are resistant to skilled manipulation attacks for up to twenty hours. They are also resistant to twenty hours of radiological attack. Radiological attacks are attempts to discern the interior workings of the lock (and thus gain access to the combination) using some form of radiation (I.E. portable X-Ray machine). The Group 1R is generally a very advanced mechanical lock that is precisely designed to prevent the workings of the lock from betraying the combination. (Should only be used if storing Schedule 1 & 2 drugs).

What if I need a DEA Approved Safe shipped quickly:

We have some UL Listed TL-30 safes with UL Group 1R lock that are DEA approved in stock. You can shop our in-stock DEA Approved Safes here.

What if I only have Schedule III, IV & V drugs to store?

You don't need as secure of a safe if you are storing Schedule III, IV & V drugs (3-5). The regulations state that they must be stored in a minimum of 11 gauge steel. Here are the Narcotic and Pharmaceutical safes that meet these requirements. Shop Schedule III, IV & V Approved Safes.

How do I buy a DEA Approved Safe?

  1. The first step is to select your size. You will want something large enough that meets the requirements that you can grow into. You don't want to have to buy another safe down the road because you outgrew it. If you need help selecting a size or brand, please call one of our sales representatives at 800-207-2259. They can help you narrow down the perfect DEA Approved Safe for your needs.
  2. Once you have the size down, determine how quickly you will need the safe. If you need to meet a deadline, you will want to shop for our in-stock DEA Approved Safes. If you are not in a hurry, we have other options available that are built to order.
  3. To place your order, you can always call one of our sales representatives at 800-207-2259. Or you can place your order online. 
  4. To order online, just select the safe you are interested in, select the Group 1R lock and add it to the cart.
  5. Click the checkout button to go to the next step.
  6. Enter your shipping address information. Make sure that someone will be there to receive the safe and be able to install it for you. If you need help finding an installer in your area, please call us at 800-207-2259. We will just need your zip code and we can find someone who can install the safe for you.
  7. Click Continue to Shipping and select your shipping option.
  8. Click Continue to Payment and choose your payment type (credit card, check, Paypal, Affirm, etc). Make sure that if your billing address is different from your shipping address that you change it to match where your credit card statement comes to.
  9. Finalize your order and that's it. We will ship the safe to you in the time listed on the website.