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At Safe and Vault Store, we offer an exceptional range of Perma-Vault safes for your home, office or commercial use, all proudly manufactured here in the USA. Perma-Vault's commitment to excellence and unmatched reputation ensures your peace of mind with reliable security solutions.

Discover their diverse range of safes, offering various sizes and configurations thoughtfully designed to meet your needs.

At Safe and Vault Store, we offer an exceptional range of Perma-Vault safes for your home, office or commercial use, all proudly manufactured here in the USA

Perma-Vault Safe Company’s extensive range of safes include:

Custom Safes: Explore custom options now! Contact us at [email protected] or call 800-207-2259 to customize your Perma-Vault safe.  

Wall Safes: Experience discreet and reliable security with Perma-Vault wall safes. Safeguard your valuable possessions with the 12 gauge steel door and 14 gauge steel back & sides, ensuring top-notch protection. D.I.Y installation is simple, and there's no assembly required. 

A standout feature of this safe is its discreetly hidden design hinge, enabling the door to be recessed and effectively thwarting any pry attempts. Perma-Vault wall safes are made in the USA. 

Floor Safes: Designed to provide convenient and discreet security and proudly made in the U.S.A. These heavy-duty B-Rate floor safes come with a Group II Combination lock, offering reliable protection for your valuables. With their durable powder coat finish and inconspicuous design, Perma-Vault Floor Safes ensure affordable and hidden safeguarding of your prized possessions.

Drop Boxes: Enhance your cash control with Perma-Vault's drop box safes. These safes serve as the perfect solution to manage cash effectively at your business. By conveniently placing a Perma-Vault drop box near your cash register, you can minimize daily losses caused by theft, cash handling errors, and honest mistakes in giving change. 

Available in a range of sizes and locking options, Perma-Vault drop boxes are the key to maintaining a successful cash management system for any business that deals with cash, checks, and credit cards. Perma-Vault's drop boxes are made in the USA.

Depository Safes: Discover Perma-Vault's extensive selection of depository safes, thoughtfully designed in various sizes and lock options to cater to diverse needs. 

Depository models include:

  • Front Loading Depository Safe
  • Rotary Depository Hopper Safe
  • Through the Wall Depository
  • Through the Wall/Door Depository 

Perma-Vault's depository safes benefit various industries, including vending trucks, convenience stores, restaurants, offices, and more. Made in the USA, they ensure quality and reliability you can trust.

Hotel Safes: Discover ultimate security with Perma-Vault's reliable hotel safes. Proudly made in the USA and fully customizable, these safes provide in-room protection and safeguard valuables at the front desk. Choose from various lock options for maximum protection. 

For custom hotel safe solutions, reach out to us at [email protected] or call 800-207-2259. Our experienced safe experts are here to assist you.

Pistol Boxes: Secure storage solution designed to prevent accidents while ensuring quick access to your handgun. Crafted from heavy steel gauge construction and padded on the inside, it offers optimal protection for your firearm. Perma-Vault pistol boxes are made in the USA.

Large Capacity Pistol Locker: Discover the perfect secure solution for storing multiple handguns. Each locker unit comes with its own key for added security.  As most customers prefer custom specifications, we do not keep this model in stock. Instead, it is directly shipped from the factory. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call 800-207-2259 for customization and shipping details.

Reliable Protection for Your Business: Perma-Vault's Superior Safes

Perma-Vault's versatile line of products is designed to cater to a wide range of industries. These exceptional safes and cash drop boxes are trusted and utilized in various professional settings, including fast food restaurant chains, hotels, federal and local government facilities, department stores, national retail store chains, and convenience stores all across the country. Whatever your business needs may be, Perma-Vault has the perfect security solution for you.

Explore Perma-Vault Safes at Safe and Vault Store

Discover the pinnacle of security with Perma-Vault's premium safes, available at Safe and Vault Store. With an extensive selection and a reputation that speaks for itself, Perma-Vault is dedicated to surpassing your expectations. Embrace unparalleled peace of mind and explore the exceptional range of Perma-Vault safes today.

Discover the benefits of choosing Safe and Vault Store for your Perma-Vault safes:

  • Extensive experience in custom safe solutions for all industries, regardless of size
  • Unbeatable prices for top-notch security, catering to any budget
  • Hassle-free shipping for a worry-free shopping experience
  • Expert team dedicated to your safety and security, offering guidance and excellent customer care

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Need help? Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives who will assist you in finding the perfect Perma-Vault Safes for your specific requirements.

You can reach us via phone at 800-207-2259, through our convenient chat and email options, or by visiting our store located at 101 N University Road, Spokane Valley, WA 99206.