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Installing a Vault Door

Are you a contractor buying and installing a vault door for your client for their vault room? Our experts can help you select the right vault door and choose the right options for your needs.


Panic Rooms

Are you looking to build a panic room or storm shelter in your home? We have a large selection of vault doors that are designed for this exact scenario that are available with an inswing option.


Gun and Safe Rooms

Are you looking to build a gun room or safe room in your home? Our vault doors offer some of the best security available and allow you to keep your guns and other valuables secure inside the room.


Vault Doors for Panic Rooms & Walk-In Safes

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If you need a vault room, we can provide you with a fire or vault door to keep your possessions safe. Our vault doors are built to last and come with varying degrees of protection to fit your unique needs.

Choosing Vault Doors

It's important to match a vault door to its intended purpose. For instant, fire doors provide excellent protection to vault contents in the event of a fire, but would be little use as the primary line of defense in a panic room.

The weight and thickness of the door are important considerations. Doors should be at least 1/2-inch thick. If you're looking for a fire door, avoid doors made with fireboard or drywall. Choose composite or composite clad fire doors, which use a concrete amalgamate for insulation. Remember that fire doors offer little protection against burglars, although fire, statistically, is the greatest threat to personal property.

Door thickness is vital for burglar protection or personal safety, but it can be deceiving. Some thick doors are "padded" with drywall or air space. Be sure you have a specific description of the door's construction. Look for doors with legitimate protection rating issued by a reputable third-party, such as Underwriters Laboratories.

Locking bolts should extend into the door as well as the vault wall, and don't neglect hinge direction. You don't want to receive delivery of a door only to discover that it opens in the wrong direction.

Convenience and Accessibility

Vaults should be accessible and convenient or they won't be used. The door to the vault should open smoothly without requiring much effort. Many people choose to supplement their vault with a smaller wall safe, where often-used items can be stored.

Vault Door Installation

While it is possible to install vault doors yourself, we strongly recommend you hire a professional specially trained for the job. Incorrect installation can reduce the door's security efficiency. Besides, a vault door is extremely heavy and can cause serious injury should it slip or fall during installation. You're buying the door for security, so spend a little extra to have it hung safely and effectively.

Got questions about vault doors? Call our safe and vault experts at 1-800-207-2259 to choose a door that best suits your unique needs.