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    Outswing Vault Doors

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    One of the first decisions you need to make when selecting a vault door is which way you want the door to swing. Do you want the door to swing in or out? Vault Doors that have an outswing option can be used as a gun room or if you have a large number of valuable items that need protection. If you have outgrown your safe and want a secure place for your large gun collection or to store large items that won't fit in a safe such as paintings, heirlooms, or other large collections, an outswing vault door is a perfect solution.

    Another benefit of an outswing vault door is that you will get more space to get through the door. This is due to the hinges being on the outside of the door. When you enter your combination or punch in your code in the lock, you just pull the handle towards you to open the door.

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