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    Does a Professional Photographer Need a Safe?

    Are you a professional photographer who relies on the use of expensive equipment, heat and moisture sensitive film, and precious media files?

    Have you ever thought about what equipment you need when you are a photographer or if you want to become a photographer? To start: of course, you need a camera. Most photographers prefer to shoot with professional-grade cameras – many of these run for several thousands of dollars apiece. Secondly, you need a camera bag, a selection of lenses (depending on the types of subjects you are interested in shooting). Potentially you need a source of artificial light, filters for your camera lenses, remotes to help with shooting, and many other things. This is all put together by a computer that can do some seriously heavy lifting – we’re talking, large screen, high processing speed – and a professional printer or access to a printer. When your livelihood depends so much on some seriously exclusive cameras, lighting devices, lenses, and whatnot you need to be especially careful to safeguard this equipment against theft and damage.

    As a photographer, you probably work out of your home office frequently—digital photographers often spend as much if not more time on their computers, editing photos than they do out in the field, taking shots; film photographers may have their own developing and printing labs in their homes. This means that at any given time, a photographer is away from half their business – either out in the field shooting with their camera while all their high tech computer equipment sits at home, or in the home office while all their expensive camera equipment is left unattended. It is vitally important that professional photographers have proper protection for their things.

    At Safe and Vault Store we have some of the most high-tech safes on the market today. For example, a safe like the Mesa Burglar Fire Safe offers enough room for the plethora of photography equipment while still rated for a home safe. It is a great investment for those who want to be safer than sorry – the cost of a safe is a drop in the bucket, especially compared to the replacement cost of equipment.